Echeveria Cubic Frost

Echeveria 'Cubic Frost' Image

This cultivar of Echeveria Doppler is mainly grown for its foliage. Its leaves have a beautiful lilac color, and Renee O’Connell developed it. It is relatively short and quite stunning.

Family:Crassulaceae/ Stonecrops.
Scientific Name:Echeveria Cubic Frost.
Growth Season:Spring and summer.
Preferred Temperature:It grows best in the range of 18-27oC (65-80oF)
Hardiness Zone:USDA Zone 10a-11b
Average Mature Height & Width:12 cm height to 15 cm width.
Toxicity:It is not toxic to humans or pets.
Echeveria Cubic Frost Summary

Echeveria Cubic Frost Physical Characteristics

This plant’s foliage is its greatest attraction. The leaves are lilac-pink, and their intensity depends on the stress to which it is exposed. This means that it may have different hues in different seasons. Its leaves have a weird up-side-down-V shape and still form a rosette. This unique appearance is fascinating to plant parents the world over. 

The appearance of the foliage is further enhanced by the presence of copious amounts of farina, a whitish substance through which the foliage’s color is seen. The farina keeps leaves from getting scorched by UV rays in the sun.

It is a relatively small plant within the size range of other succulents in this genus. This succulent produces a thick stalk from which it grows flowers towards the end of winter and spring. Its flowers are orange-pink.

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