“Dudleya” Genus

dudleya genus

Have you ever heard of Dudleya succulents? Well, it may be the first time you are hearing anything about them. The anonymity of this succulent plant genus is due to its small number of species and resemblance to other succulents from another naming.

Dudleya succulents are native to the states to the West of America, and some have their native homes in Mexico. There are between 40-50 species of Dudleya succulents. The dry summers and mild cold winter seasons favor the Dudleya in their native homes.

An exciting nickname for the beautiful flowered dudleya succulents is ‘Liveforever’. True to it, the dudleya plants can live for up to a century. It all depends on how best you care for your dudleya succulents.

Dudleya Plants On Succulent City

Want century-old succulents that you will gift your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren? Read on the list of Dudleya plants on Succulent City:

Dudleya Brittonii Image
Dudleya Brittonii
Dudleya Farinosa Image
Dudleya Farinosa
Dudleya Pulverulenta Image
Dudleya Pulverulenta
Dudleya Edulis Image
Dudleya Edulis
Dudleya Greenei Image
Dudleya Greenei
Dudleya Caespitosa Image
Dudleya Caespitosa
Dudleya Gnoma Image
Dudleya Gnoma
 Dudleya Abramsii Image
Dudleya Abramsii


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