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This is another member of the Asparagaceae family which contains about 170 species. It is a native of the African, southern Asian, and northern Australian tropics. A few species may be found in South America but the bulk of the species are found in Africa. It is a flowering plant and many species in the genus are widely grown as indoor plants. Their popularity as house plants is not only due to their beauty but also due to their ability to clean the air of the rooms in which you grow them. They can remove common indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde naturally.

Plants in this genus are quite diverse. Nevertheless, they have some common morphological characteristics including sword-shaped leaves. Sometimes the leaves only grow at the top of the stem appearing to form a crown on the stems. This genus blooms into non-showy flowers that are small and usually red, green, or tallow. The flowers mature leaving behind berries which are two to three seeds.

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