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It belongs to the family Apocynaceae which is commonly known as dog-bane. Furthermore, plants in this genus are collectively known as milkweeds. The plants are natives of Bhutan, India, and China, their tropical regions. Some species are also found in some of the tropics of the Far East in countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. However, some of its species have been kept as house plants worldwide, but the genus is not as well-known as Hoya, a close relative. The genus has about 80 species.

In habitat, these plants grow on leaves and anthills and have developed a symbiotic relationship with the ants, where their leaves provide shelter and storage to the insects. Leaves that provide this cover have blister-like structures on the surface, and they are hairy. The hairiness and uneven surface make it possible for ants to lodge. The edges of the leaves stop growing at some point, but the center keeps growing and this makes the leaves roll inward.

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