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This genus grows in the earth’s tropical and other temperate regions with a few of the species growing in the hotter regions. It contains over six hundred species making it a rather large grouping of plants. The genus was named after the ancient Greek botanist and physician Dioscorides by Charles Palmer, a monk. It is best known in common parlance as wild yam. A member of this genus produces a popular tuber used for food in Africa, South America, Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean. Besides food, the tuber and leaves have therapeutic potential, especially in the management of menstrual and abdominal cramps as well as pain. The presence of diosgenin (plant-based estrogen) enabled researchers to manufacture the first birth control pills.

Plants in this genus are typically vines and they are deciduous. They have broad, glossy, light green leaves. Moreover, they have tendrils to have them latch on to grow other trees and other more stable features. This growth enables a Dioscorea to obtain the resources necessary for growth. Their stems separate at the base to produce several branches which grow to help Dioscoreas to cover vast areas.

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