“Delosperma” Genus

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This genus of succulents has a hundred and seventy species. It is endemic in southern and eastern Africa but you are likely to find a few of its species in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Madagascar. The plants have capsules common to the family Aizoaceae which are hygrochastic, they open when wet and close when dry.

These capsules contain seeds of various species. The seeds have wings to allow for dispersal when the capsules open in the rainy season. The seed capsules have a short or no covering membrane. Exposed seed is the foundation of the genus’ etymology as its name is derived from the Greek words ‘delo’ and ‘sperma’ which mean visible and seeds respectively.

Leaves in this genus come in various shapes and sizes depending on the species. Some of them are lance-shaped and each leaf is grooved especially the ones that have rather cylindrical shapes. The flatter leaves may not have grooves. Plants in this genus are often characterized by bladder cells on the leaves. Plants in this genus flower sporadically throughout the rainy season or depending on how much you give them to drink.

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