10 Cute Succulents For Indoor Decoration

Cute Mini Succulents

Succulent plants are all the rage these days. With our lifestyles becoming increasingly busy, it’s quite difficult to maintain a houseplant while having to balance countless other aspects in life; be it work, kids, or usually a combination of both.

This is where succulents come into play. These tiny plants are perfect for an indoor atmosphere as they require very little space to grow, and are relatively much easier to care for than a common houseplant. Also, the fact that they bring in a whole new, pleasant aesthetic to your home or office is a very nice bonus.

10 Cute Mini Succulents for Indoors
Succulents for Indoors @cynthiaprecious38

1. Jade Plant

The Jade Plant is an adorable little succulent that originates from Africa and requires very little care in order to grow. The Jade Plant is all green, with a stubby but strong stem and oval-shaped leaves. They have the possibility to grow larger if given ample space for their roots to spread, so remember to use a small pot if you want it to stay tiny. Take a look at our piece on the Jade plant.

Apropos to its African origins, the Jade Plant adapts very well to warm climates.

With proper amounts of water and acceptable amounts of sunlight, the Jade Plant may be your new favorite succulent.

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2. Lithops

These strange-looking succulents are quite possibly the most inconspicuous of them all, with stubby, rock-like exteriors that cause them to get mistaken for well, rocks. Also originating from Africa, these “living plants” are extremely fun and easy to care for. Lithops flower during late Autumn and Winter, with brightly colored flowers blooming from between its pebble-like leaves. Lithops add a quirky yet interesting spin to your interior decoration, and is sure to be a widely used topic of conversation! Interested in planting some succulents inside your house? Check out these planters to make your job easier.

3. Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns, or Euphorbia Milii, is probably the most colorful species of succulents on this list. The small plant can usually be seen covered with tons of adorable little flowers that may come in either red or white. Crown of Thorns is a very convenient succulent to grow indoors as it is able to effortlessly adapt to drier indoor climates. With the right amount of care, this gorgeous succulent could be the favorite aspect of your home. Plus, legend says that the size of Euphorbia flowers directly represents the level of luck of its owner. So why not try your luck by getting a Crown of Thorns?

Mini succulents
Crown of Thorns @succsatthebeach

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4. Hens-and-Chicks

This bizarrely named succulent plant gets its name from the way it grows- large mat rosettes (the Hen) create smaller rosettes (the Chick) that collectively form a beautiful padded structure on the pot itself. Hens-and-Chicks are perfect for those of you with a hectic lifestyle because they have an excellent drought-resistant characteristic that allows them to survive without water for a relatively extended period of time.

Interested in growing Hens-and-chicks? Check out “How to Grow Hens & Chicks Succulents” for a full guide.

5. Echeveria

Originating from Central America, these cacti-like succulents are great for being displayed on garden patios. They are very easy to care for, and can manage on their own after you give them a proper home (just remember to move them back inside during winter as Echeveria are not particularly fond of colder weather).

6. Aloe Vera

Though they are more commonly used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, Aloe Vera can be an excellent choice of indoor succulents for those of you who are looking for something stylish and relatively easy to care for. Just like most cacti, Aloe Vera is a big fan of dry conditions, which just happens to be perfect for an indoor setting! With humans planting Aloe Vera for thousands of years, it seems like this plant is the most logical choice when deciding between indoor succulents. Need tips on growing aloe vera at your house? Read “How to Grow Aloe Vera” for full instructions.


Mini succulents 1
Excellent Choice for Indoor @theladybugstudio

7. Burro’s Tail

Surprise, surprise, another succulent with a quirky name. Burro’s Tail plant originates from Mexico, and it gets its name from the long tail-like leaves that hang down from it. Though it’s relatively bigger than the other members of this list, it does not mean that this amazing succulent is hard to deal with. Since all its leaves tend to store a lot of water, there’s no need to constantly water this plant, just leave it near a source of good sunlight and let it transform your home or office!

Want more info on the Burro’s tail? Check out our piece on it called “Sedum Morganianum— the Burros Tail Succulent Plant“.

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8. Panda Plant

This adorable succulent is named after its soft and plushy leaves that are reminiscent of a panda. Native to Madagascar, the Panda Plant is packed with round leaves that have a light coating of “fur”. This plant grows up to an average height of 1.5ft and does not need a lot of water as it refers to cool, dry conditions (perfect for an indoor air-conditioned environment!).

9. Faucaria Tigrina (Tiger’s Jaw)

Tiger’s Jaw gets its name from the ferocious-looking “teeth” that are triangular shaped. But don’t worry, this is not some monster plant. The teeth are used to collect water, and during fall and winter, you can observe beautiful yellow flowers blooming from this plant. Interested in more succulents with yellow flowers? Check out our post “Succulents With Yellow Flowers“.

Mini succulents - Tiger's Jaw
Look at the tiger’s jaw @plantsaretheshit

10. Aloinopsis

Another succulent that hails from Africa, Aloinopsis is one more example of a rock-like plant that has peculiar shapes. These succulents are extremely aesthetically pleasing, and along with the gorgeous flowers that it blooms in the winter, are sure to elevate your indoor outlook.

Final Words

There you have it, folks, the list of the ten cutest indoor succulents you could find. Why not start your succulent collection today? You can’t go wrong by starting with any one of these. Let us know in the comments below if you have any of these succulents in your indoor garden.

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Happy planting!

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