5 Cute Names For Succulent Plants

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Succulents are known to add character for every house or garden. Aside from providing oxygen and energy to your space, succulents are mostly used as decorations. It can transform your space to something calm, energetic, artistic, elegant, etc. Due to succulents’ broad and interesting appearance, plant parents will usually assign cute names for succulent plants. This behavior keeps having a home plant more enjoyable and helps other people know how much you love your succulents. Cute plant names for succulents can be rooted from the plants actual appearance and characteristics, your location, a funny story related to purchasing those plants, and many more.

Cute Names For Succulent Plants

#1. “Spaghetti”

If you are thinking of a name for your trailing succulents and ferns, Spaghetti might be the perfect option for you. As we know, some succulents thrive in hanging baskets or window boxes and will definitely be the center of attention for your patio. A sample succulent that uses this name is Rhipsalis Baccifera or Rhipsalis Spaghetti Cactus. It is a trailing succulent that has long skinny stems that look like spaghetti pasta.

#2. “Button”

Tiny succulents means cute names for succulent plants. Consider naming your small succulent Button, to imply its size and shape. Those succulents that have button-shaped leaves might be your perfect pair for this cute name. Among a popular succulent that uses this cute name is Crassula Perforata, also known as String of Buttons due to its stacked leaves that are shaped like buttons.

#3. “Pearl”

Succulent leaves are really interesting as they can have different sizes, shapes, and even colors. Some succulents have these clustered, tiny, and rounded leaves that can look like pearls. As interesting as the appearance of your succulents, cute plant names for succulents can also get interesting. For this specific example, a succulent called Senecio Rowleyanus is also known as String of Pearls.

#4. “Zebra”

It is now surprising to find succulents with unique patterns, color-changing leaves, or asymmetrical shapes. Zebra’s white stripes are also present to some succulents, which is how they adapted this cute name for succulent plants. Haworthia Fasciata also known as Haworthia Zebra is a delicate house plant that has white stripes on its dark green leaves. It is a rare succulent that is also perfect for new plant parents as it is easy to grow and maintain.

#5. “Snake”

Same with Zebra, due to succulent’s interesting leaves, some of it uses the name snake. Sansevieria Trifasciata or Snake Plant is among the most common types of succulents. It has long and sinuous foliage that is why it is called the Snake Plant. It is a hardy house plant and is said to be the perfect indoor plant as it can filter indoor air properly.

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Final Words

These cute names for succulent plants just show that this plant really comes with different physical characteristics, care requirements, and personality. As plant parents, it is important that we have a deeper understanding of our succulents. Knowing how they should look, the amount of care they need, and the character they bring to your space helps you be at ease with them. Having cute names for succulent plants is just a bare minimum of how we can appreciate and take good care of our house plants.


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