Crassula Volkensii

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If you like plants that look different and don’t need a lot of fuss, Crassula Volkensii might be your new buddy. Here’s the simple view of this incredible plant.

Where’s It From?

It comes from East Africa, places like Kenya and Tanzania, where it’s pretty dry and sunny.

What’s It Look Like?

Leaves: The leaves are the main event here. They’re long, thick, and an excellent grey-green color. They are small, usually equal to the size of a key. The edges of the leaves are a bit wavy. Furthermore, these leaves have fantastic functions. Due to belonging to a dry area, their leaves are like a small watering backup supply for the plant. Moreover, these leaves are a source of nutrition when they turn water and air through leaves to create energy for the plant. How incredible they are!!  

Size: It’s a small plant. Instead, it grows out and gets bushy, like how your hair looks when you wake up in the morning, and it’s all over the place. It is usually 20 to 40 cm in height and 30 cm in width.

Flowers: This plant has a surprise. These flowers are small and star-shaped. It gets these tiny white flowers, which might be the size of a pea or even smaller. They usually bloom when winter is ending and spring is starting. However, these lovely flowers only last a few weeks and then vanish. You have to wait a few months for the next appearance.

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How to Look After It

Sunlight: It likes light but only a little direct sun. So, a spot where it gets some shade for part of the day would be perfect. If you see your leaves turning brown or yellow, maybe you have placed them too long under direct sunlight, which can cause leafburn.   

Water: Don’t drown it! Please wait until the soil feels dry before you give it more water. It’s used to dry places, so it doesn’t need a drink all the time. During the growing season, you should water it once every 2-3 weeks, while during winter, reduce watering frequency is acceptable for your succulent (once a month).

Soil: Get soil that doesn’t stay wet for too long. You should take the soil for cacti or succulents because it can drain well. And make sure the pot has holes at the bottom for extra water to run out. If you don’t want to buy soil at the stores, you can mix regular potting soil with perlite or sand coarse. Its nutrients are the same as the ones at stores.

Temperatures: This Crassula is a big fan of warmth. The ideal temperature for Crassula Volkensii is between 21°C to 25°C. If the weather is too hot or too cold, it is a sign to find a place with the ideal temperatures to protect it. 

DO YOU KNOW? Caring (propagating, pruning/trimming, beheading, watering, …) is a set of skills that is widely applicable to succulents. Read the in-depth guide here >>

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Making More And Maintain Them

You can make more plants by taking a leaf or a bit of its stem, letting it dry for a day, and then sticking it in some soil. In a few weeks, you might see a new baby plant starting to grow.

For many reasons: The soil isn’t good forever, your succulent gets bigger,… so that is why we need to repot it. We should often repot it every 2-3 years to check its health and provide a new home for it to grow better. However, if your succulent has problems, repot maybe sooner. At that time, repotting is checking whether your soil is well or has any problems with your roots or not.

In Short

Crassula Volkensii is a laid-back plant that looks cool with its grey leaves and white flowers. It’s easy to care for and can add a unique touch to your collection. Plus, it’s a fun reminder of the sunny lands of Africa!

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