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Cotyledon is a large genus of perennial succulents. It occurs naturally in southern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The genus comprises 431 species but they are generally ranked into twelve recognized species names. They are small shrubs that don’t usually grow beyond two meters in height the leaves of plants in this genus may be referred to as shrublets. They have woody stems which are easily breakable. This plant’s leaves grow opposite of each other to each other the leaf pairs are ninety percent each other which is common to plants in the genus family Crassulaceae.

This genus flower is tubular, which peels outward so that the petals are connected in the tube. These petals are triangular in tips and they are curved back towards the tube. Each of the flowers has about ten stamens that grow from the base. The stems are decumbent and hair-like also the leaves are hairy. Sometimes the leaves are vertical and closely knit in some of the species.

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