The ‘Cereus’ Genus

Cereus Cacti genus

Children of the Cactaceae family, Cereus cacti are one of the most popular genera of succulents known to man. The name comes from Cereus, meaning a candle or a torch. The cereus species are known for their columnar, treelike stems – justifying their etymology.

The wonderful thing about these cacti is that they are night bloomers. Other remarkable features include stubby and stout spines, large and fragrant white flowers, and pronounced ribs. Even their fruits are large, fleshy, tube-like, and hairless.

Cereus Cacti on Succulent City

Cereus cacti, natives of the West Indies and South America, are comfortable in arid, drought-like climates. They are usually grown as indoor plants, but not all species of Cereus are well-adapted for indoor gardening. Here is a list of Cereus cacti on Succulent City:

cereus jamacaru image
Cereus Jamacaru
 Cereus Peruvianus Image
Cereus Peruvianus
Cereus Forbesii Image
Cereus Forbesii
Cereus Hildmannianus Image
Cereus Hildmannianus
Cereus Aethiops Image
Cereus Aethiops
Cereus Hexagonus Image
Cereus Hexagonus
Cereus Mirabella Image
Cereus Mirabella


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