Indoor Succulents

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Essential Things to Consider Before Making a Succulent Terrarium

Aquariums that are full of different species of fish are quite a sensational decor idea to add to the interior[…]

How To Care For Indoor Succulents During The Winter

Caring for your indoor succulents during winter varies as some succulents will be actively growing while others will be dormant. Read on for more!

The Ice Plant Succulent – (Corpuscularia Lehmannii)

The ice plant is an adorable succulent to add to your collection of houseplants. Its shape and color give your surroundings an aesthetic leap. Read on!

Mysterious Christmas Cactus – Schlumbergera Bridgesii

This is a detailed guide that unravels the mysteries of a real Christmas cactus. The mysterious cactus is one of the best succulents for home decor.

How Big Do Air Plants Grow?

These air plant cuties come in differing colors, shapes & sizes that make them favorable to place on whatever staging you wish to, help them to grow bigger