Types of Succulents

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The Ice Plant Succulent – (Corpuscularia Lehmannii)

The ice plant is an adorable succulent to add to your collection of houseplants. Its shape and color give your surroundings an aesthetic leap. Read on!

Twisted Succulent: Spiral Aloe (Polyphylla)

These Spiral Aloe (Polyphylla) succulent’s feature tightly packed leaves that grow in a fascinating rosette spiral pattern and known as a twisted succulent

8 Beautiful Succulents for Indoors/Outdoors

They not only attract humans but insects too, resulting in pollination. Succulents that flowers come in different shades & colors, with exclusive details.

5 Succulents That Are Considered Herbaceous

The words herbaceous succulents can be quite a mouthful, but fortunately, our good friends in the world of botany have reduced it to herbal succulents

8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas You Should Know

You can pick any of the following amazing succulent gift ideas and next time you want to surprise a close friend, you have your gift arsenal ready.