Outdoor Succulents

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Twisted Succulent: Spiral Aloe (Polyphylla)

These Spiral Aloe (Polyphylla) succulent’s feature tightly packed leaves that grow in a fascinating rosette spiral pattern and known as a twisted succulent

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower; Different Types for Indoors/Outdoors

They not only attract humans but insects too, resulting in pollination. Succulents that flowers come in different shades & colors, with exclusive details.

5 Succulents That Are Considered Herbaceous

The words herbaceous succulents can be quite a mouthful, but fortunately, our good friends in the world of botany have reduced it to herbal succulents

The Moon Cactus (Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii)

Do you know moon cactus, also known as Mihanovichii Gymnocalycium or Hibotan cactus, it’s indigenous to desert habitats in different areas of South America.

How to Make a Beautiful Succulent Wreath

We love wreaths! They make front doors seem so much more welcoming and inviting. They really increase the curb appeal[…]