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This genus is a native of South Africa, the southern Australian coast, and the coast of Chile. Also, it is found in the Northern Hemisphere of the United States. New Zealand and Europe’s Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts also host some from this genus. The genus has about twenty-five species. Plants in this genus are called ice plants, pigface, clawberry, or Hottentot Fig. The name of this genus is a combination of two Greek words, ‘Karpos’ and ‘Brotos’, which mean fruit and edible respectively.

It is a genus of creeping flowers and succulent leaves in which they store water. Its stems are long and trailing, they can grow to a maximum of two meters, and their roots form at the nodes as they come into contact with the ground. This genus’ flowers are daisy-like, with their possible colors ranging from deep pink to purple. Their red-purple berries are edible, delicious, and nutritious. Their taste is similar to that of salty apples.

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