Some Ideas For Hanging Car Succulents

Indeed at some point, while driving, you have wondered if you can have a plant inside your car, especially if you are a hobbyist with an extensive collection at home and want to give a little of that energy to your vehicle. And here is the expected answer to the question: Yes, of course! You need to know and follow a few steps, and you will be fully prepared to have a little travel friend.

Can A Succulent Live In A Car?

Technically speaking, a succulent can live in a car with controlled temperature and sunlight. As we know, succulents can survive enough sunlight and hot temperature. Extreme heat can cause damage to your succulent. So during the summer season, make sure to park shaded area. However, also take into consideration the need for fresh air. Once in a while, make sure to take out your succulent. Your car might provide an environment tolerable to grow succulents for a short period. In the long run, you still need to consider extreme weather conditions, humidity, and air circulation.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Plant In The Car?

It depends on the type of plant we select to have in our car can receive various benefits. One of the most universal and essential is the ability to purify the air that plants have; Although your vehicle already has implemented this, we can always use a plant’s help to keep the air inside our vehicle clean and fresh. Because who does not like to have a breath of fresh air when you enter your car? Plants also help to beautify the environment and give it a calmer and more pleasant vibe. If we choose a fragrant species, we will not only have an attractive and fresh environment but it will also always be naturally scented. What’s better than that?

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Car Mirror Hanger Succulent: IG@ennadoolf

Considerations Before Having A Plant In Your Car

When we want to maintain a plant in our car, we must consider that it is affected by many factors that can make things very difficult for the inside. For example, the environment can reach very high temperatures during the summer or very low in the winter. The most advisable thing in these situations is to choose a plant that resists temperatures very well. Keep one in the car during the summer and during winter, take it indoors until it is safe to return; and, during the summer, make sure that the plant will not suffer from too high temperatures. We can help it if we leave a small part of the window open, so there is air circulation, and the heat does not suffocate the plant.

Another vital thing to remember is to get a stable place to locate our little friend; the cabin of a car can be an environment full of shocks, so we must make sure that it is safe in a place where it cannot suffer falls, a cup holder can be ideal for this. When parking the car, let’s not forget to look for a place where you can endow a prune of sunlight, but nothing so aggressive so that it does not dry out quickly. Speaking of drying out, we can never forget to water our plants. Being inside the car may cause the watering not to be the same way with our plants inside the house or in our garden, so we must be aware of when it needs a little extra water.

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Scented geraniums for Car: IG@katmimosa

What Plants Can I Keep Inside My Car?

An extensive list of plants could be grown inside the car and would withstand the conditions, but the most practical ones do not need a wide or deep space to grow healthy. Scented geraniums are good candidates for this task; their scented leaves will keep the area with a pleasant natural smell.

We also have lucky bamboo, since it is grown in water, you can place it inside a cup holder in a container with enough water, and voila, it will give a natural and aesthetic touch to your space; take care that the water level does not drop too low. On the other hand, we have snake plants. They are resistant plants and can tolerate a wide range of light conditions. In addition, they are not affected as much if their soil is somewhat dry.

And of course, succulents are gorgeous, easy-to-care, and resistant plants; the car is a suitable environment for them since they are very inclined to need a lot of sunlight. In addition, perfectly support hot climates.

Hanging Succulents For Car

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Echeveria for Car: Ig@rennyshaworthia


The Echeveria is a quite resistant specimen of succulent, enduring periods of neglect, little water, and nutrients; this makes this species’ care quite simple and does not require constant attention. The leaves of Echeveria are fleshy, and often if they are not careful, you can leave marks on them because they are a bit delicate. Thanks to its origins in Central America, this plant prefers arid and desert climates, although it can withstand humid climates without any problem.

It is slow-growing and does not usually exceed 12 inches, producing baby plants nestled against the mother rosette, easy to separate and grow. Another way to develop one of these succulents is through a leaf, we only have to bury it shallowly, and in a few weeks, we will have a mother rosette.

When it comes to caring for a succulent, the biggest problem is excess water, and Echeveria is no exception. We have to water it moderately on hot and dry stations. It is imperative to let the soil dry completely before watering it again as it can present root rot problems; when the plant is too wet these occur. When the weather begins to get colder, we must protect it by keeping it at a relatively warm temperature.

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Hens and Chick Planter for Car: IG@headinthe_cloudsdesigns

Hens and Chick

Its name comes from the habit of producing many babies; the hens and chick are succulent plants that grow well indoors and outdoors, both in cold & hot temperatures. A rockery can be the right place for raising chickens and chicks. This plant has excellent tolerance for poor soils and unwelcoming conditions. An underground corridor links the mother plant to the babies. Growing them is quite simple since they only require full sun and well-drained and sandy soil. They do not need much fertilizer and should be watered infrequently since this plant is used to very little water.

These may grow from seeds or by carefully separating one of the mother’s babies and raising it separately in another pot. This second option is recommended to be carried out from time to time since the plant produces so many children that there may be uncontrolled growth if you are not careful. The plant may suffer a delay in its development or even stop altogether. These plants produce a flower when they mature and must be plucked once they wilt; and, after about five years, the mother plant begins to die and must be removed, leaving only the babies on the pot.


This small plant is native to Southern Africa. Typically, this plant survives a dry environment because of its excellent attribute to store water. Lithops’ thick leaves that almost look like stones benefit their growth. There are 37 species of Lithops available. Typically, this plant blooms during the autumn and early winter. Some might even have scented flowers. What’s also interesting is that this plant is self-sterile. The crucial part is for the seeds to be pollinated.


This succulent is another small plant that is endemic to Southern Africa. This plant is also known as the zebra plant. In terms of their appearance, this quiet looks like an aloe vera. Haworthias are generally easy to cultivate and don’t need much to survive. Generally, this plant will survive inside your car with proper sunlight, water, and humidity.

Final Words

Through this article, we hope to educate people about the possibility of having plants in their cars. Remember that succulents might be able to live in your car technically, but you also need to be careful due to the limitation of the car’s environment. Extreme hot or cold temperatures might damage your succulent ultimately. It is also essential to move your succulent from time to time as fresh air and a shaded location are crucial for your succulent. We hope you are looking forward to the succulent inside your car. Keep exploring the beauty and flexibility of succulents.


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