“Callisia” Genus

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This is a genus of flowering plants that are commonly known as roselings. It is a native of the Americas, naturally appearing in the United States and Argentina. This genus has about 20 species. The etymology of its name is from the ancient Greek word Kallos, which means beautiful. Plants in this genus belong to the Commelinaceae family.

Most of the plants in this genus are creepers, forming a thick mat on the ground when given the opportunity. The leaves of these plants are small, growing opposite each other on the nodes of slender branching stems. The leaves are succulent and come in many different colors and variegations. Some leaves are solid-green while others are green with various intensities of purple variegation.

Callisia Plants On Succulent City

Callisia Repens Image
The Bolivian Jew ‘Callisia Repens’
Callisia Navicularis Image
The Beautiful Houseplant ‘Callisia Navicularis’
Callisia Elegans Image
The Striped Inch Plant ‘Callisia Elegans’


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