“Calandrinia” Genus

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Plants in this genus are flowering and commonly referred to as redmaids or purslanes. The species in this genus consist of both annual and perennial plants. It comprises a total of 100 species of herbs. It is a native of Australia, the west of South and North America, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and southern Africa. Plants in this genus are erect, and their leaves can alternate or oppose each other. These herbs are flowering, with each flower in the genus having between four and eleven petals, these lower and higher numbers are possible, and most plants have five petals. Blooms can be white, yellow, pink, red, or purple. The leaves are mostly green, they are narrow and succulent.

Calandrinia Plants On Succulent City

Calandrinia Spectabilis Image
The Rock Purslane Succulent ‘Calandrinia Spectabilis’
Calandrinia Grandiflora Image
Calandrinia Grandiflora (The Red Maids Succulent)


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