12 Exciting Cactus Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos are more popular than ever. In fact, Vox claimed that in 2015 almost one in three Americans had at least one tattoo.

The best part about tattoos is that no two are the same. Different artists bring their own styles to pieces and everyone has their own vision of what they want, that’s the beauty of tattoos. They’re meant to be unique and showcase the things that mean most to you in life, like succulents for example. Yes, really!

Succulents are more than just plants. They’re stunning examples of life and nature. Like flowers, succulents have become hugely popular tattoo designs, whether as standalone art or as additions to bigger pieces.

If you’re a succulent lover, you might’ve even considered getting a succulent tattoo yourself. If you need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We pulled together some of the most gorgeous succulent and cactus tattoo ideas there are.

See the cactus tattoo ideas below!

1. Echeveria Geometric Cactus Tattoo

Echeveria Geometric Tattoo by Stephanie King at Black Crown Tattoo
Image: @steph_king_tattoos

The simplicity of geometric tattoos matches perfectly with the similar simplicity of succulents. Plus, the realistic colors paired with the minimalist black-and-white lines and dots make this tattoo totally eye-catching.

2. Succulent Name Tattoo

Succulent Name Tattoo by Hidema
Image: @v_tattoo_x_blackwork

Though small, this Cactus tattoo has a big meaning! Succulent tattoos can stand alone, or you can take the route like this person who used the plants to spell out her daughter’s name. Certainly a unique take on your standard name tattoo!

3. Echeveria and Dinosaur Tattoo

Echeveria & Dinosaur Tattoo by Mel at Aces High Tattoo Shop
Image: @mizmeltattoos

While the main focus of this piece is the cool dinosaur skull, the artist added some life to the piece with the color echeveria succulent art. If you’re looking for something a little more unique than roses to add to a piece, succulents are the way to go.

4. Terrarium Geometric Tattoo

Terrarium Geometric Tattoo by Bev. A. Koh at Vagabond Ink Tattoo
Image: IG@bev.bot

This tattoo makes great use of the negative space in geometric tattoos. Instead of leaving the shape blank, the artist creatively filled it in to make it look like succulent soil.

5. Snake Plant Hand-Poked Tattoo

Snake Plant Hand Poked Tattoo by Alex Muller at The Body Architects
Image: @weskuswolf

There’s no message in a bottle here. Instead, it’s a snake plant! The simple piece is a hand-poked dot work tattoo, a unique method of tattooing that’s done without a machine. (Talk about a steady hand).

6. Echeveria Dotwork Cactus Tattoo

Echeveria Dot Work Tattoo by Binxy at Mr. Williams Tattoo Co.
Image: @binxyfbaby

This artist used dotwork shading instead of color to bring this echeveria to life, and it looks amazing! Though simple, it’s gorgeous and shows that you don’t need true color to make a succulent cactus tattoo stand out.

7. Echeveria and Rose Tattoo

Echeveria & Rose Tattoo by Joice Wang at Grit N Glory
Image: @joicewangtattoos

Another great example that succulent tattoos look great in just about every style. Part of what makes succulents so gorgeous is their delicacy, a trait this cactus tattoo captures perfectly.

8. Colorful Terrarium Geometric Tattoos

Colorful Terrarium Geometric Succulent Tattoo by Mike at To The Nines Tattoo
Image: @mikesgarbageart

These colorful pieces bring together multiple different types of succulents to create simplistic (yet gorgeous) terrariums. We spot a Zebra Haworthia and a Burro’s Tail, just to name a couple. What other succulents can you pick out here?

9. Cactus Geometric Tattoo

Geometric Cactus Succulent Tattoo by Felipe Hiroshi
Image: @fe_hc

This cactus tattoo combines dot work and geometric shapes along with a black-and-white realistic cactus into one elegant piece. Just look at that marvelous detail in the cactus tattoo!

10. Crystals and Cactus Tattoo

Crystals & Cactus Succulent Tattoo by Isadora Lemos
Image: @isadoratattoo

Sure, cacti are typically prickly and off-putting to the touch. But add a few flowers, a gorgeous planter, and some crystals and it makes a cactus that much more approachable — as well as a great cactus tattoo!

11. Flower and Cactus Tattoo

Flower & Cactus Tattoo Eva Ciarlantini at Disegnarti Tattoo and Art Studio
Image: @disegnarti

For those who just want a dab of color in an otherwise black-and-white tattoo, take note! The soft, delicate design is a perfect example of how to make it work. Leading to a great cactus tattoo

12. Colorful Cactus Tattoo

Colorful Cactus Tattoo by Dylan Loos at The Bling Tiger
Image: @dylanloosart

You can add a little color to your cactus without going overboard, too. Just check out these soft shades of green (which also somehow manage to only be about the size of an ankle).

Of course, you never want to copy someone else’s art. Even something as simple as a succulent is sacred to both the tattoo artist and the person who has the permanent ink. But these can serve as some ideas of all of the ways you can incorporate succulent art on your own body.


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