“Bulbine” Genus

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This genus belongs to the Asphodelaceae family. The word bulbine comes from the fact that it has a bulb-based tuber in many species; a total of 78 species in this genus mainly occur naturally in southern Africa. A few species may be found in Yemen, Australia, and tropical Africa. This genus’ foliage looks like Aloe and Haworthia, but their leaves are soft and fleshy. Furthermore, they have a caudex which Aloe and Haworthia don’t have.

Species under this category are either shrubs, soft annuals, weedy perennials, or dwarf geophytes. These plants have variances in form but experience similar dormancy periods with slight variance across species and locations. Dormancy starts in late spring to autumn. Leaves drop in this period while their roots form into a caudex. These plants have flowers with hairy stamens. Some flowers are white, pink, or orange, but most are yellow.

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