If You Have A Succulent Garden, You Don’t Want To Miss These Blue Succulents

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Don’t get us wrong, we love green succulents—but there’s something extra special about colored succulents. It’s a fun surprise for a leafy plant to be anything but green. That’s why blue, purple, and other brightly colored succulents are some of our favorites.

If you don’t own any colorful succulents yet, we’re introducing you to some of the best blue ones. After reading this post, you’ll need to add these eight unique blue succulents to your cart, so we apologize for fueling your plant addiction!

Aloe – ‘Blue Sky’

We go nuts for succulents with contrasting colors! This beautiful Aloe cultivar has orange spikes that perfectly complement its pale blue leaves. Excuse us while we go buy one (or ten).

This Aloe loves full sun and high temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees. Strong, bright light will make its colors even more vibrant.

It flowers throughout the spring and summer and produces pretty orange blooms. You’ll also be glad to know that it sprouts lots of offsets. You can use them to grow brand-new Blue Sky plants to fill your garden!

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Echeveria – ‘Blue Prince’

Echeveria 'blue prince' succulent plant

We’re in love with this dark blue Echeveria! It’s native to Mexico and needs bright sunlight to achieve full vibrancy. If you want your plant to look as gorgeous as the one in the photo above, give it plenty of bright, filtered sunlight.

This plant’s leaves turn copper around the edges with enough sunlight. It also sprouts reddish flowers that contrast beautifully with its dark blue leaves.

If you’re thinking about bringing it indoors occasionally, this blue succulent planter can be a great touch!

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Senecio Mandraliscae – ‘Blue Chalksticks’

Senecio mandraliscae 'blue chalksticks' succulent plant

This succulent is sometimes called Blue Fingers, and you can see why. Its blue leaves look like a bunch of long, spindly fingers. These leaves can grow 18 inches tall, significant for a succulent. Between the height and the bold blue color, this plant will be the highlight of your garden!

Blue Chalksticks plants, not to be mistaken for these chalk sticks, spread out and make an excellent ground cover. They’re fire-resistant, so if you live in an area prone to wildfires, they’re great plants to have in your garden.

These plants also attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. Can’t you see yourself sipping coffee by your window while a green hummingbird flies around your beautiful Blue Chalksticks?

Echeveria – ‘Blue Bird’

Echeveria 'blue bird' succulent plant

Isn’t this Echeveria gorgeous? We love succulents with rosettes, especially if they’re colorful. This Echeveria reminds us of flowers, especially Blue Lotus Flowers. We think that it’s such a pretty, delicate addition to any garden container.

Blue Bird plants are about as delicate as they look. You can’t leave them out in the cold, or their leaves will get brown and mushy. They prefer partial shade to full sun, perfect for indoors, so you’ll have to watch for signs of sunburn-like brown spots if you put them in a sunny location. You’ll also have to be careful with the watering as overwatering can lead to root rot and pest infestations.

We think the extra TLC this plant needs is worth it, though… look at how beautiful it is! A tremendous modern planter like this will create a great contrast with this echeveria.

You can’t not think about having this succulent in your garden! Get it here.

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Stonecrop – ‘Blue Spruce’

Stonecrop 'blue spruce' succulent plant

This succulent is the Blue Spruce Stonecrop because its leaves resemble the needles on blue spruce trees. It sprouts tall pink stems topped with bright yellow flowers in the summer. This plant spreads out well and makes a pretty ground cover. It looks great in containers and arrangements, too. (Check out this geometric glass terrarium for plants).

You’ll be glad to know this plant needs little attention and can survive in harsher conditions. It can thrive in full sun and doesn’t need a lot of water. If you live in a hot area of the country that doesn’t get much rain, Blue Spruce Stonecrops are your plants!


Echeveria – ‘Blue Waves’

Echeveria 'blue waves' succulent plant

This stunning Echeveria looks like ocean waves and sunsets on the beach! It has blue leaves that remind us of seafoam and leaf tips that glow pink like the setting sun. It looks great in arrangements with other pink, blue, and purple-hued succulents.

Like most Echeverias, it can’t handle temperatures below 30 degrees. You’ll have to take it inside when it gets cold to prevent the water in its fleshy leaves from freezing. We don’t mind if you use this plant for indoor decoration… having it inside with us gives us more chances to admire it!

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Ferocactus Glaucescens – ‘Blue Barrel Cactus’

This cactus got its name because of its pale blue color and round, squat shape. It has about a dozen deep ribs and lots of sharp spines. Like many other succulents on this list, it loves full sun. It has beautiful yellow blooms that last from spring to late summer. It also sprouts round, white fruit. In theory, this fruit is edible—it’s not toxic or poisonous—but we’ve heard it’s as sour as lemons, so we don’t recommend eating it!

Barrel Cacti take a long time to grow and even longer form the mound you see in the photo above, but we think they’re worth waiting for! Mature plants resemble sculptures when they grow in mounds and can add much character to your garden.

You can get this fantastic cactus here!

Pachyveria ‘Jeweled Crown’

Jeweled Crown plants are a hybrid of Echeveria and Pachyphytum succulents. This plant looks a lot like the Echeverias in the photo above.

Jeweled Crown plants have tight rosettes that loosen with age and slightly pointed leaves. This plant is mainly blue-green but has a bit of pink on its leaf tips.

Just like a lifelike jeweled crown, this succulent color shines when you put it in the sun. It can handle high temperatures, too, so don’t be afraid to keep it outside during the summer. Bring it in for the winter, though—it can’t handle temperatures below 20 degrees, even for short periods.

Final Words

There you have it! Our list of eight naturally blue succulents we can’t live without. Let us know which ones you plan on buying in the comments below. I might have to buy the blue chalk sticks succulent plant. It just looks like beautiful algae flowing on the ocean floor!

If so, you’ll enjoy the ebook about Rare Succulents You Wish You Knew About. This ebook will give you more detailed answers to help your succulents grow even better! With thousands of succulent lovers enjoying our ebooks, you don’t want to miss out on what works best to grow your succulents.

Thanks for reading about these eight blue succulent plants, and like always, happy planting!

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