Black Goldfish Plant (A Nemanthus Gregarius Hybrid)

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Planting has always been a part of humans’ lives. Several factors convince us to start planting. Having a house plant provided several benefits, such as having a beautiful piece of nature at our home and enhancing the total look of the surrounding. Some plants are also medicinal and can be a great alternative to artificial medicines. Other plants are fruit-bearing and provide delicious fruit as a treat. Today, we will discuss another great plant – the Black Goldfish plant. This wonderful and unique plant might be a great home addition to your plant babies.

Origin & Features

The Black Goldfish plant, also known as Nemanthus Gregarius, is a flowering plant from the Gesneriaceae family and is native to Southeast Brazil. Plants belonging to the Gesneriaceae family typically grow in the wild and the trees in tropical forests. It can grow up to 0.5 meters tall and 1 meter in diameter. Black Goldfish have small, fleshy, and evergreen leaves that arch outwards and tend to trail over. Its stem can turn woody at the base, often called a sub-shrub.

Black Goldfish developed vibrant orange tubular flowers from early spring to late winter. The flowers may last all year round. Due to the shape and color of the Black Goldfish, it gained its famous nickname. It is a popular house plant because of its attractive appearance.

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Take A Proper Care Of Your Black Goldfish Plant

#1. Ideal Sunlight & Temperature

This type of plant doesn’t tolerate cold temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t require full sunlight and can survive with partial or indirect sunlight. When planted in places with cold temperatures, you will usually see Black Goldfish in a glass container or as a house plant in a hanging basket.

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#2. Water and Soil Requirements

Plant your Black Goldfish in a well-draining soil mix to ensure water flow continuously and adequately. Water your Black Goldfish when the topsoil about 2 inches deep is already dry. You may do this twice weekly to ensure your plant gets enough water. Like every other plant, you must avoid overwatering to avoid root rot and drowning your Black Goldfish.

How To Propagate Black Goldfish Plant

The primary propagation method here is the cutting method. Below are the details:

  • Make sure that you were able to clean the knife properly. You can do this by dipping the blade in alcohol.
  • The cut should be made below the leaf node to ensure that the cuttings were taken from a non-flowering shoot and keep them to around 10cm in length.
  • Plant the cutting in just enough soil and ensure it is upright.
  • Place the pot in indirect sunlight and water it lightly once a week. Ensure you are not overwatering your Black Goldfish, and moisten the soil.
  • Ensure that you provide enough humidity by putting a clear bag to cover the cuttings. The heat helps to accelerate the rooting process.
  • Once your Black Goldfish is rooted, you may transfer it to a bigger pot where it can grow beautifully.

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How To Get Your Black Goldfish Plant To Bloom

  • Ensure your Black Goldfish plant gets indirect sunlight to develop leaves and bloom. Aside from that, sunlight will prevent your plant from becoming leggy. Direct sunlight will cause your plant to burn.
  • You may also feed your plant every two weeks during its growing season with a half dose of a high phosphorus fertilizer. >> The only fertilizer guidebook you will need on Succulent City
  • Even though orange is the standard color of Black Goldfish flowers, it also welcomes a variety of shades like yellow, red, or even striped flowers.

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