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It’s great having you at Succulent City! If you reach this page, there’s a high chance you are not a regular reader. At Succulent City, we are open to collaboration ideas, so let us know what is in your mind.

Normally, people come up with written post collaborations, mentions, infographics. When you provide values to Succulent City, we make sure you’ll get the credit. As bloggers and social media addicts, we know how important it is to get mentions on blogs.

Which Topics Are We Looking For?

We only accept collaboration related to these following topics:

  • Succulents & Xeriscaping.
  • Garden-related topics.

Note, we DON’T want to discuss any topics related to political, racial, hate speech, religious, or conspiracy topics. Our mission is to produce the best content, not to offend anyone. Keep it positive and focus on providing as much value as possible.

If You Submit An Article:

  • The article must be informative.
  • Links: You are allowed to put one do-follow link. It would help if you also linked to authority-related pages like Wikipedia, WikiHow, and associated websites.
  • Plagiarism: You must pass the Copyscape & Grammarly plagiarism test.
  • Article Length: An article should be more than 1000 words in length. We all know that Google loves well-researched articles.
  • We prefer content with Bullet Points and Subheadings. We do not prefer lengthy paragraphs.
  • Avoid Grammar Mistakes: We will edit any approved post for grammar and formatting at our end.

If You Have Other Ideas

Please send an email with your idea to this mailbox:

We will response as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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