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This genus contains only three species and it is a native of Mexico, where F. Ritter first discovered it in 1929. It belongs to the family cactaciae and is a unique decorative plant genus. They are characterized by ribs and furrows, which grow like fleshy masses off the ground. Plants in the genus include Aztekium hintonii and Aztekium ritteri, and Aztekium valdezii.

The genus name is derived from the word ‘Aztec’ due to the similarity between the plant and some of the structures built by ancient Aztecs. It appears in nature in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Plants in this genus are small, rarely exceeding five centimeters in width. Younger ribs and other grows are usually yellowish on the outside but turn green over time.

This cactus may have some white wool at the center, an adaptation that keeps the plant from losing too much water in the habitat’s harsh conditions. There are weak, foldable spines on the areoles. Aztekium plants can produce small blooms which are less than one centimeter wide. Which grow among the ridges or at the edge of the plant. The flowers’ color can be anything from white to dark pink.

Aztekium Plants On Succulent City

Aztekium Ritteri Image
Aztekium Ritteri (The Aztec Cactus)
Aztekium Hintonii Image
Aztekium Hintonii

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