“Astroloba” Genus

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This genus gets its name from two Greek words, ‘astros’ and ‘lobos’ which mean star and lobes respectively. The name refers to its flower’s star-like petals. This genus, a member of the Asphodelaceae family is endemic to the Cape Province of South Africa. Besides star-like petals, its other distinguishing feature is the regular, triangular leaves which have columnar stems propping them up. These leaves are spirally arranged to make the beautiful foliage the species’ most conspicuous distinguishing feature.

All the twelve species in the genus are slow growing and each plant typically has multiple stems. The genus is a close relative of Haworthia with which it shares numerous characteristics. The main difference between Astroloba and Haworthia is that Astroloba’s flowers are regular as opposed to Haworthia’s double-tipped flowers. Astroloba’s star-petal flowers are usually small and their colors differ across species.

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