“Astridia” Genus

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Astridia is a small genus with nineteen species. It belongs to the family Aizoaceae, Mesembryanthemoideae sub-family. The genus is endemic to Southern Africa. The genus was named after Astrid, the wife of Gustav Schwantes (1881-1960) a German botanist and archeologist. This genus is characterized by white daisy-like flowers. All the plants in this genus are shrubs. Leaves are opposite and the spacing of leaves in the entire plant is typical.

They are spaced just wide enough to allow for the stem to be visible between pairs. Their stems and branches are woody with leaf shapes ranging from triangular to cylindrical across species. Some species spread while others grow parallel or erect depending on their species. Despite the differences, these shrubs are generally small averaging 20 cm in height in line with the Mesemb sub-family characteristics.

Astridia Plants On Succulent City

Astridia Velutina Image
Astridia Velutina
Astridia Herrei Image
Astridia Herrei


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