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The name of this genus comes from the ancient Greek words ‘aria’ and ‘carpos’, which mean oak type and fruit, respectively. This name is derived from the fact that the fruits in this genus look somewhat like oak acorns. Ariocarpus genus is a native of Rio Grande, South Texas, in the United States of America. Also, it occurs naturally in northern and central Mexico. It is a small genus comprising seven plants.

Thick taproots characterize it. These roots often grow above ground singly or after forming clusters; the taproot above ground is often much bigger than the rest of the plant as it appears above ground. There are tubercules on this plant’s stems; they are triangular, and sometimes they can look like leaves on the plant. This genus, which falls under the category of cacti, grows very slowly but can get relatively large over time. Its leaves, initially green or purple and can even be silver colored, often turn grey as they mature. This makes the leaves very well camouflaged in a rock garden. It has spectacular flowers which are showy and, therefore, easily identifiable. Plants in this genus are endangered.

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