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This genus consists of fifty species, natives of South Africa. They are somewhat unique among succulents in that they grow in winter, making them considerably frost-hardy. They are mostly undergrowth and prone to forming dense mats due to hair growing at the junction between the leaves and stems. Leaves in these succulents are either lance-shaped or rounded. The rounded ones are usually thicker than the lance-shaped ones.

Leaves grow alternately on the stems. Also, these leaves are usually close together, so plants in this genus have considerably heavy foliage. All species in this genus flower produce stalk-less flowers. Flowers in the species can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. The color of these flowers ranges from white to purple. However, even the white flowers in the genus often have a touch of blue or purple at the lower inner part of the petals. Flowering occurs in summer, but plants only open under direct sunlight.

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