“Aloinopsis” Genus

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This genus, from the family Aizoaceae, is endemic to South Africa. It consists of fifteen species, all of which are dwarf succulents. These plants’ natural habitat is arid and bare lands. These plants are tiny. None of them can grow above ten centimeters in nature. Their width is typically between ten and fifteen centimeters. Their small size makes them well-appreciated as indoor plants. The unique nature of these plants leaves outstanding.

They are spoon-shaped, and some are so thick that they look like well-arranged little rocks on the ground. The rosettes they form make them even more beautiful. Aloinopsis leaves have beautiful white spots that look superimposed. Plants in this genus bloom towards the end of winter giving life to your otherwise frigid garden. The flowers range from yellow to orange with a daisy-like appearance. Each one of the blooms has a central stripe, usually brown or red, on the petals.

Aloinopsis Plants On Succulent City

Aloinopsis Schooneesii image
Aloinopsis Schooneesii
Aloinopsis Luckhoffii image
Aloinopsis Luckhoffii
Aloinopsis Rubrolineata Image
Aloinopsis Rubrolineata
Aloinopsis Malherbei image
Aloinopsis Malherbei
Aloinopsis Setifera image
Aloinopsis Setifera


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