Aloinopsis Rosulata (Acaulon Rosulatum)

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Aloinopsis Rosulata, also called Acaulon Rosulatum, is a small succulent from South Africa. It has cute leaves in a circle shape and lovely flowers. Let’s learn more about this special plant in this article!


Aloinopsis Rosulata is a small plant that grows up to 2 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The plant has rosette-shaped leaves that are light green and covered with tiny white hairs. The leaves are thick, fleshy and can store water for long periods.

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The plant produces small, star-shaped flowers that are yellow, orange, or pink. Typically, these lovely flowers make their appearance during the growing season, which is usually in spring or early summer.

These roots are tuberous, kind of like tiny potatoes. They spread out and help the plant anchor itself in the soil. This succulent is pretty good at storing water in its roots, which comes in handy in its natural habitat where water might be scarce.

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Simple Care Guide

Aloinopsis Rosulata is a popular plant among succulent collectors. It is relatively easy to cultivate and can be grown in containers or rock gardens.

Light: Aloinopsis Rosulata loves the sunshine! Please put it in a bright spot to soak up lots of sunlight. However, too much intense, direct sunlight might harm its leaves. So, find a nice balance where it gets plenty of light without getting too hot. If growing indoors, use growing light to replace natural light.

Soil: The plant prefers well-draining soil, like cactus mix or sandy soil, so water doesn’t stay stuck around its roots. You can also add a bit of extra grit or perlite to the soil so this mixture can help with drainage.

Watering: It likes to drink occasionally but doesn’t want its feet to be soggy. Waiting for the soil’s dryness before giving it a sip, especially during its resting period. When it’s more active in the growing season, you can water a bit more, but always be cautious not to overdo it.

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Aloinopsis Rosulata can make more plants in two cool ways. One way is using its baby plants, which we call offsets. When these babies are big enough, we can carefully separate them and give them their spot to grow.

The other way is using its seeds. After it flowers, it makes seeds. We collect those seeds and plant them in the soil. It’s like helping Aloinopsis Rosulata have more plant friends!


Aloinopsis Rosulata is a unique and attractive plant well-suited to arid environments. This plant’s rosette-shaped leaves and colorful flowers make it popular among succulent collectors. Whether you want to add interest to your rock garden or create a small container display, Aloinopsis Rosulata is worth considering. More Aloinopsis plants to read on Succulent City:

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