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This small genus comprises seven species. The genus belongs to the Asphodelaceae family. These plants are commonly known as the Rumbling Aloes due to their similarity with aloes, cousins in the Asphodelaceae family. Plants in this genus are native to South Africa. The seven species fall under various categories: creeping, climbing, and shrubby. All plants in this genus are perennial. Their leaves are slender and widely spaced in a spiral fashion on the stem. The stem itself has widely spaced nodes from which the leaves grow.

Plants in this genus usually branch severally, and leaves grow on the node in the stems as they grow in the plant’s stem. The foliage is somehow lance-like, but they are much narrower than the ones of their aloe cousins. They spot a solid green hue and have soft, harmless teeth on their edges. This genus produces flowers from flowering stalks growing from the branch’s top. The glowering stalks in question don’t branch in habitat but branch when plants are grown on farms. The blooms are banana-like, with their colors ranging from yellow to red, with some being orange.

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