The Jeweled Aloe ‘Aloe Distans’

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This evergreen aloe forms a stack of rosettes to create something truly beautiful. It creates a fantastic ground cover when allowed to cluster and be established. Suckers and branches at the ground level also enhance the plant’s ground-covering ability.

Aloe Distans Physical Characteristics

This is one of the stemless rosette aloes. Unlike many plants in this genus, it can have a stack of up to ten rosettes in one plant. The diameter of these rosettes is usually about 40 cm, and they are very compact. The leaves forming these rosettes are usually about six inches long and have a slender base of two centimeters. They have a pale blue-green hue with a lance-shaped appearance.

Aloe Distans stores water in its leaves, and this makes the leaves rather plump and succulent. Also, the leaves have sharp white spines on the edges the leaves curve inward widthwise. Sometimes your Aloe Distans may have spines on the lower part of the leaf beside the edges. However, these spines never line the front of the leaf.  The color of the leaves may change to purplish if this aloe is exposed to intense sunlight for a significant period. It produces good number of pups which help in the propagation of this aloe.

The flowers it produces are the common tubular aloe flowers. Their color ranges from yellow t scarlet with all the hues in between being represented in one plant or the other. Flowers bloom from a woody flowering stalk which can be as long as 40cm. The inflorescence therefore increases the size of the plant considerably when the plant is in full bloom.  

Aloe Distans Plant Care

Aloe Distans isn’t fussy, it needs light care and once established, you can forget about it for long periods. It requires to be watered sparingly as too much water might lead to soggy soil which, in turn, can lead to root rot. Plant it in well-draining soil and use the soak and dry method while avoiding water in the winter. It requires abundant light to thrive but can grow in direct or partial shade.

Aloe Distans Growth

You can propagate your Jewel Aloe using offsets. Offsets are the most preferred method since the daughter plant gets established fast. Seeds take much longer. You can obtain cuttings to propagate by cutting off the top-most rosette and planting it as a cutting after allowing it to callous. Pruning is not necessary for growth, but it you can do it to style the plant. You may repot this succulent if it gets root bound. It is deer resistant so protect it from typical aloe insect pests.

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