The Unique Red Aloe ‘Aloe Cameronii’

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This aloe species is a native of the southern African countries of Malawi and Zimbabwe. It is characterized by its exceedingly attractive foliage, which is outstanding in the species. One plant’s foliage can have several colors.

Scientific Name:Aloe cameronii
Other Names:Red Aloe, Starfish Aloe, Cameron’s Ruwari Aloe.
Growth Season:Spring to autumn
Preferred Temperature:It likes warm temperatures between 21 and 27oC (70 – 80oF). It can stand dry winter temperatures up to -3.9 to -1.1oC (25-30oF), but you must move it indoors if it goes below this or when it snows.
Hardiness Zone:USDA Zone 7-10
Average Mature Height & Width: It reaches about one or two feet tall and can spread to two or four feet.
Toxicity:This succulent is toxic to pets and humans if ingested. It causes diarrhea; stomach aches, other gastrointestinal conditions, and kidney failure in extreme cases.  
Aloe Cameronii Summary

Aloe Cameronii Physical Characteristics

Its leaves, which are its most attractive part, are fleshy. They recurve in a gracefully unruly form, they are grooved, and they have spines on the margins. Typically, the foliage is light green, but the leaves turn copper-red when stressed by intense sunlight and drought. Aloe Cameronii has a stem on which its leaves form rosettes at various levels. Leaves are somewhat lax.

It flowers in early winter after producing a one-foot raceme from which its flowers grow. The raceme branches and produces bright-red tubular flowers. It offsets and therefore spreads quickly.

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