All you need to know about the Brain Cactus

All you need to Know about the Brain Cactus
All you need to know about the Brain Cactus-SC
Brain Cactus on Girl Planter: IG@kittiyawathanakorn

The Brain Cactus first originated from the Central Mexican region. It’s essentially a rare form of cactus which is related to the Mammillaria Elongata plant family.  The Brain Cactus, also called the Mammillaria Elongata ‘Cristata, has a peculiar crested shape.

Perhaps contributing to its name, the plant looks a bit like worms or brains. The Brain Cactus is also identified closely with Ladyfingers. This is because it usually grows straight. The crested type of cactus features lots of kinks that develop in a big round clump. This characteristic is attributed to mutation or damage.

Brain Cactus, like other succulents, have a peculiar center of growth. This is known as the apical meristem. If an insect munches or damages this apical meristem, the cactus might grow in a crested, worm-like shape. Also, a mutation can take place in the cells, thus making it crested. However, this is rare.

All you need to Know about the Brain Cactus
The Brain Cactus by: IG@sanctuarysoil

Caring for the Brain Cactus and Propagation Processes

All you need to know about the Brain Cactus-Caring for the Brain Cactus and Propagation Processes-SC
Brain Cactus Propagation: IG@potofsucculents

It’s easy to care for the Brain Cactus. You merely need to know a few propagation matters. It’s essential to identify the best soil for the cactus. Such soils drain well, just like a home-made blend of soil or succulent soil made with sand, perlite, pumice, or potting mix.

When you deliver your brain cactus from the nursery, it’s advisable to plant it in a fresh, new pot. It’s also essential to repot the brain cactus periodically. The cactus has spines that could hurt; therefore, do this carefully. Wear some thick gardening gloves for protection. Then, grab your new cactus soil and get ready to repot.

All you need to know about the Brain Cactus-How to Repot and Replant the Brain Cactus Periodically-SC
Reptting Brain Cactus: IG@dr.cacto

How to Repot and Replant the Brain Cactus Periodically

After getting the plant from the old pot, use a trowel to run around the new pot’s edges. This loosens up the soil. Pick up the cactus gently, shaking out as much soil as possible from the roots. Plant the cactus in the new pot, adding more soil until it reaches the top. Fill-up the pot. Leave a little room for your plant and its roots. Do not water the pot for a few days. This allows it to acclimatize to the new pot.

Ensure you repot your cactus in the spring at least once in two to four years. If you discover the roots are coming out of the drainage hole, it’s a sign that the plant is outgrowing its pot and requires replanting.

All you need to know about the Brain Cactus-Use Little Water with Brain Cactus for Ideal Growth-SC
Over Watered Brain Cactus: IG@sucusmaria

Use Little Water with Brain Cactus for Ideal Growth

The Brain Cactus doesn’t require plenty of water. Too much water gets into the crested cactus folds and precipitates the rotting process. Hence, take care when watering. Ensure there’s no water on the cactus’ body. Use a smaller watering vessel. Make the spout point at the soil rather than the plant.

When watering the cactus, it’s advisable to use the recommended soak and dry method. Thus, keep pouring water on the soil until it runs out of the pot’s drainage hole. Let the soil dry out completely before resuming the watering process.

This is all you need to know about the fascinating Brain Cactus.

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