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The genus Aichryson has a total of fifteen plant species making it fall among the minor genera in the plant kingdom. These plants are endemic to Morocco, Madeira, and the Canary Islands. Also, a few of them grow in the Azores. This genus closely relates to Sempervivum, Greenovia, Aeonium, and monanthes. The relationship is clear from similarities in appearance between aichryson and the abovementioned genera.

Stems in some of the species are covered with reddish and green hairs. Leaves in these plants typically have spoon-shaped leaves, and the stems branch severally. Leaves grow on the tips of terminal branches. Although all the leaves are spoon-shaped, they have different colors. Aichryson plants have a solid green color. Others are green with a cream outline on the margin, while others are variegated. These plants usually have yellow flowers. Thus, the name of the genus is derived from Greek words meaning always and gold. The flowers are polymerous, which means they have many parts.

Aichryson Plants On Succulent City

Aichryson Laxum Image
Aichryson Laxum
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Aichryson Tortuosum


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