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Agave is a genus with two hundred species. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family and is a native of Mexico and the Caribbean. It does well in the arid regions of these countries. This genus is not only known for its ornamental attributes; it has many economic uses, including liquor and bio-energy. The blue agave produces the syrup sweetener known as Agave Nector.

Plants in this genus typically have leathery, succulent leaves that form rosettes. These plants’ leaf sizes can vary across species: from under ten centimeters to up to eight feet. Also, many species’ leaves grow thorns on the edges and the leaf’s tips. The color of the foliage varies considerably across the genus. Some may have solid colors, while others may be variegated or have stripes. They could be pale green, blue-grey, and many hues in between. Flowers in his genus consist of six petals and an ovary attached below the rest of the flower parts.

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