Aeonium Emerald Ice (The Green Lotus Of The Aeonium Genus)

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Planting requires a particular effort. No matter what kind of plant you choose to add to your garden or house plants, you still need to take good care of it. Isn’t it expected that we consider taking good care of plants as training to be more responsible as we grow up? Considering the variety of plants available, succulents are the most common type of plant, considered low-maintenance and admired for their unique and beautiful appearance. We will get to know more about Aeonium Emerald Ice, and we hope that you’ll consider stunning succulents as your next plant baby. Continue reading and appreciate more of this beautiful hybrid plant, famous as an ornament plant.

Origin and Features

Aeonium Emerald Ice is a popular mix of plants that people like to grow for decoration. It’s part of the succulent family called Crassulaceae. The plant looks cool with a bunch of leaves in the middle and creamy white stripes on the outside. The leaves are pointy and look a bit like stars. People really like this special succulent because it’s nice to look at. The Aeonium Emerald Ice can grow up to 30cm in the middle. When blooming, it has pink-orange flowers that make it even prettier in your potted plants.

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Care Guide

Watering: The plant needs typical watering, just like every other succulent. Don’t let the water stay too long on the soil, as it will cause root rot. You may use the soak-and-dry method to prevent overwatering. Make sure to water your plant even in winter, especially if the soil has dried out.

Healthy Soil Mix: In choosing a pot for your Aeonium Emerald Ice, make sure that it has holes so that the water can flow easily after watering it. This plant grows well in humus-rich, moist, but well-drained soil.

Ideal Sunlight and Temperature: Aeonium Emerald Ice prefers full sunlight and doesn’t grow well in cold weather. Most likely, it will survive that zone 9a-11b at 20°F temperature. It can be planted outdoors, but it is best to keep it indoors during the winter season as this plant is not frost-hardy. Strong sunlight is crucial in making sure your Aeonium Emerald Ice can grow beautifully.

Fertilizer: You may feed fertilizer to Emerald Ice every two weeks during its growing season. It is better to use liquid fertilizer to ensure that it is diluted. Also, avoid feeding it during its dormant season.

DO YOU KNOW? Caring (propagating, pruning/trimming, beheading, watering, …) is a set of skills that is widely applicable to succulents. Read the in-depth guide here >>

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Pests and Diseases

Aeonium Emerald Ice doesn’t have any serious pests or disease problems. Keep an eye on slugs that might cause some damage to your plant, but aside from that, this plant is generally healthy and strong.


It can be propagated through cuttings, leaves, offsets, or seeds. Aeonium Emerald Ice is an easy plant to propagate and might not need much repotting, giving your plant a better chance to stay intact. The only essential time to repot is when you bring it home from the store. It is best to plant your Aeonium Emerald Ice in April, May, and June, from mid-spring to summer.

Cuttings and leaves methods:

To propagate by cuttings, make sure you use sterilized scissors or knives. For propagation through leaves,  make sure that you cleanly remove the leaves from the mother plant. Ensure you allow the removed part to be callous from 2 to 3 days before planting in well-draining soil.

Offsets and seeds methods:

For offset propagation, make sure you wait several years for the mother plant to produce an offset. When removing an offset from the mother plant, make sure that you are using a sterilized knife. Remove any extra soil on the offset before repotting it after several days. Propagating through seeds is not advisable as it might take a longer period. If you choose this method, make sure that you use well-draining soil and better if you put your pot outdoors for better sunlight.

Other trivia about Aeonium Emerald Ice

  • It is non-toxic to people and animals.
  • The summer season is the Aeonium Emerald Ice dormant period, and their growing season is winter to spring.

Final Words

To sum it up, Aeonium Emerald Ice is a fantastic plant that people love for its decorative appeal. The leaves are sleek, pointy, and adorned with subtle stripes, giving it a unique and cool look. As it grows, the plant can reach up to 30cm, showcasing its impressive size. When it blossoms, it graces your space with small yet beautiful and colorful flowers, making it a delightful addition to your collection of potted plants. In essence, Aeonium Emerald Ice effortlessly combines simplicity with beauty, bringing a touch of charm to any setting.

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