Adromischus Marianae (‘Herrei’)

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This variety of Adromischus is quite fussy and can vary during cold and hot seasons. Some specific cultivars and sub-species fall under its category, including A. Aeyeri Hutchinson A. Marianae (Marloth), A. Berger, A. Marianae f. Alveolatus.

Scientific Name:Adromischus Marianae.
Other Names:Adromischus Herrei, Cotyledon Herrei.
Hardiness Zone:USDA Zone 10-11b.
Toxicity:The plant can harm humans and pets if ingested.
Adromischus Marianae (‘Herrei’) Summary

Adromischus Marianae (‘Herrei’) Physical Characteristics

Adromischus Marianae is a slow-growing succulent with shrubby habit. It may be characterized as a tiny succulent which only grows to 10 cm.

Adromischus Marianae leaves are small and triangular. Their size is not too big, just equal to your thumb. It is much more attractive when its leaves are gray-blue to lavender in color. In terms of surface, it is covered by a tiny, white hair, which can protect the leaves from hot sunlight. Whenever you touch it, you can feel a bit thick and chubby.

Plant Physical Part of Adromischus Marianae ('Herrei') Image

Their flowers issue from flowering stalks, which can be as long as 25 cm long. These stalks have nodes, and it is from these nodes that flowers grow directly from the inflorescence. The flowers are tubular and don’t exceed a length of 12 mm. They are often soft pink and white. Moreover, we often see them in the late winter or early spring, and last for a few weeks before fading away.

Another feature that decides whether your succulent is healthy is roots. Its roots grow shallowly and spread out to catch the water from irrigation. Like many other succulents, their main function is to hold the succulent and retain nutrition from the soil. They also can absorb water and keep moisture levels at a safe level. Thanks to these roots, Adromischus Marianae can survive even in hot and dry environments.

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Adromischus Marianae (‘Herrei’) Plant Care

Watering: Watering this plant is easy, just the way you water other succulents. The soil should be moist but not soaked. The soak-and-dry method is the best approach. Every 2-4 weeks during the growing season and reduce in winter, but give it a little water to drink if you notice it shriveling. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid overhead watering, soak the pot in a tub of water, and allow the soil to soak for a while. That way, your leaves will remain dry.

Soil: The soil should be well draining but have almost no organic matter, as too much can cause it to rot from the base. Also, spent inflorescent can spread rot to the leaves, so you should carefully remove it as soon as the flower is spent, but you must remove them before winter.

Light: It grows best under bright light, whether direct or indirect for 6 to 8 hours. When you place it outdoors, please protect it from the intense midday sun and find a place with partial shade. If you plant it indoors, you should put it near the window. It is advisable that you should rotate the pot often to make sure the plant receives balanced growth.

Plant Care of Adromischus Marianae ('Herrei') Image

Fertilization: Fertilizers should be well-balanced but with a higher phosphorus content to enhance the growth of leaves. Absolutely, it receives more nutrients if you feed it every 4-6 weeks during the growing season, but in winter, you don’t have to use it. Stick to the instructions on the cover to ensure your succulent won’t have any problems.

Temperatures: Its ideal temperature ranges between 10-24oC (50-75oF). Protect it from cold, as ‘Herrei’ can’t handle cold weather.

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Adromischus Marianae (‘Herrei’) Growth

You can propagate this plant through stem or leaf cuttings by following our guide on propagating succulents. Seeds are also an option but rarely used. Repot once every two years and trim if it overgrows. Please protect it from mealybugs and scale insects.

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