Adromischus Maculatus

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Scientific Name: Adromischus Maculatus.
Other Names:Chocolate-Drop, Cotyledon maculata, Adromischus mucronatus, Cotyledon alternans, Calico Hearts, Spotted Adromischus.
Growth Season:Its growth season is spring and summer.
Preferred Temperature: Its ideal growth temperature starts at 10oC but is cold-hardy to -7oC. The range of its ideal growth temperature extends to 25oC.
Hardiness Zone:USDA Zone 9b-11
Average Mature Height & Width:Its average mature height is 14 inches and it can reach the same width.
Dormancy:It becomes dormant when the temperature is too low (-7oC) and too high above 35oC. 
Toxicity:It is toxic to humans and pets when ingested.
Adromischus Maculatus Summary

Adromischus Maculatus Physical Characteristics

It has fibrous roots from which it grows a very short, woody stem. It is only 15 cm long and prostrate. The stem may have a few branches. This succulent’s leaves are its main attraction. They are disc-shaped, grey-green but with dark-purple spots. Spots on the leaves develop later in the plant’s life. The younger ones are plain green. The margins of the leaves can be considered horny.

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