Adorable Cactus Teether for New Borns!

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Ok so you probably told yourself that you were going to stop buying gifts for that new born in your life, right?

But they are just so adorable & love-able that you just can’t help yourself. If that is the case then you could probably X out of this article.

If you stayed, then that is a good thing because this adorable cactus teether by Itzy Ritzy for new toddlers is absolutely. Better yet, its 20% off this weekend!

But lets not kid ourselves, the real reason we want one of these is so we will be able to selfishly post these adorable photos on your insta-feed like @aubs_succies did!

Save 20% on Itzy Ritzy Cactus Teether for Newborns!

Succulent Cactus Baby Teether Itzy Ritsy
photo credits @aubs_succies

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