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Adenium is a relatively small species with just over 150 species, and it was identified as an individual genus in 1819. This category of plants is native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Plants in this genus produce starry flowers, which are quite showy. The advent of these flowers in their seasons transforms the appearance of plants in this genus. Plants in this genus are usually small trees, shrublets, and shrubs. Its stems are smooth, swollen, and considerably fleshy. The stems grow underground in some species, where the branches shoot above the ground. These branches are as smooth and fleshy as the plant’s stems.

Flowers appear at the tip of branches; though equally showy, they vary significantly in color. They can be white, white with crimson edges, pink, purple, and red. Root tubers and rootstocks characterize this genus. Its leaves grow at alternate points on the stem or form in spirals. They have brown seeds with tufts of hairs to facilitate dispersion by wind.

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