Adenium Boehmianum (Adenium Swazicum)

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This small succulent is endemic to Namibia and Angola. It is poisonous and it has a silvery caudex with branches. It is a slow grower with attractive flowers and leaves.

Scientific Name:Adenium boehmianum
Other Names:Bushman’s Poison, Bushmen’s Arrow Poison.
Hardiness Zone:USDA Zone 10a-11b.
Toxicity:It is highly toxic and consumption of large quantities can easily lead to death. It is a source of potent arrow poison for the residents of its habitat.
Adenium boehmianum Summary

Adenium Boehmianum Physical Characteristics

Adenium Boehmianum is a small, unique plant that is 20-70 cm high and 60-70 cm wide. One of its prominent features is a silvery branching caudex. The caudex appears like the plant’s roots are woven together. Also, it has a short branching stem.

This Adenium doesn’t flower as heavily as some in the genus, but its flowers are just as beautiful as those of its cousins. Flower colors range from light pink to deep magenta. Each flower has a trumpet-shaped. They often bloom in the late spring and early summer.

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The plant grows slowly, with its growth cycle punctuated by relatively long dormancy periods. It has broad grey-green, glossy leaves. The leaves are an average of 6 inches long, broad, and club-shaped. Adenium Boehmianum’s leaves grow in a spiral format along the branches. It is normal for this succulent to drop all its leaves during the dormancy period.

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Adenium Boehmianum Plant Care

Watering: You need to water just enough to meet its needs. Water it moderately in spring and summer to enable Adenium Boehmianum to grow effectively. About 1-2 weeks is sufficient. Allow the soil to completely dry out before watering the plant again. However, in dormant seasons, in most cases, the watering frequency is 4-6 weeks, or even less is enough for your succulent.

Soil: The succulent is adapted for sandy, bare environments. You should plant it in gravelly soil with high perlite content or gravelly sand. The soil pH should either be neutral or acidic. If you feel complicated, you can buy well-draining soil and follow the instructions on its cover.

Light: Full sunlight is necessary for this plant’s proper growth. You should provide at least 6 hours to get the best result. Adenium Boehmianum will not grow without it. Leaf color will be off if sunlight is inadequate, and the flowers won’t bloom unless it gets full sunlight all day. Please protect its leaves from direct contact with the sun in hot climates.

Fertilizer: Your Boehmianum may require additional feeding during its growing season. Use diluted liquid succulent fertilizer every 6 weeks in growing seasons and once annually in dormant seasons.

Plant Care of Adenium Boehmianum Image

Temperatures: Keep it in warm conditions. It loves the temperatures between 18°C and 28°C. Moreover, the limited temperature should be 4°C to 32°C because it wouldn’t survive below or above those two temperatures for long.

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Adenium Boehmianum Growth

You can propagate Adenium Boehmianum from cuttings, which is the easiest way. Read more about this method here to get an in-depth understanding. It is slow-growing and small, so it doesn’t overgrow. However, you may need to prune it to reshape the plant. Furthermore, pruning also removes dead leaves to ensure that healthy leaves can grow correctly. Root rot and leaf rust are the two most common diseases.

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