About Us

We have to admit we love our Succulents.

We started Succulent City as a way to connect with other plant lovers and share our knowledge and passion for succulents. We’re amazed by how much this blog and our incredible community of succulent lovers have grown since we first started! We launched in 2018 with just a few pieces of content, but now we have dozens of helpful guides and reviews and even a collection of ebooks. Whether you need information about propagation, watering techniques, new succulent species to try, or anything else relating to succulents, you’ll find it here on the Succulent City blog!

We also have a growing community of succulent enthusiasts on Facebook called the Succulent City Plant Lounge. It’s a place where you can relax, share cute photos of your plant family, ask questions, and swap care tips with other succulent gardeners. In all honesty, it’s one of our favorite places on the Internet! We love connecting with our readers and chatting about succulents daily and daily!

In addition to the Plant Lounge, we also have Instagram and Pinterest pages. We post pictures of rare succulents, cute planters, delicious cactus cupcakes, and more. So the next time you’re bored at work, take a look! 

We’ve already shared lots of succulent knowledge on our blog to help you care for your plants and create the perfect garden! But there’s always more to learn and explore about succulents, so we write new reviews and guides regularly. If you want to stay updated on our latest posts, subscribe to our newsletter, and get a free ebook!

If you have any topics you want to see covered on the Succulent City blog next, leave a comment on one of our blog posts or contact us on social media. We love hearing from our readers, so don’t hesitate to reach out, even if you just want to share a cute photo of your succulent collection with us! 

We’re addicted to succulents, so writing this blog is so much fun! We hope you have just as much fun reading our posts and hanging out in our succulent communities. 

And as always, happy planting!

By the way, we’d like to introduce Richard – the content manager for Succulent City. He is an expert on succulents and also a traveler. If you have any questions, please contact Richard at richard.succulentcity@gmail.com.