4 Reasons Why You Should Use Specialized Succulent Soil

4 Reasons Why Specialized Succulent Soil is the Best for Growing Succulents
4 Reasons Why Specialized Succulent Soil is the Best for Growing Succulents-SC

Succulents are currently the most fashionable and popular garden plants. The reason is that these plants thrive well on minimum water. One of the best things about succulents is using them in the open garden or ordinary containers to create decorative displays for terraces or patios.

Do succulents need specialized soil to thrive? Yes, it’s essential to know that succulents actually need a unique type of soil compared to similar plants.

Let’s find out four reasons why this is true:

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Growing Succulents in Suitable Soil Prevents the Plant from Rotting

The soil used for succulents must always be different from the ordinary garden soil. Why? Unless you find the right type of soil, your succulents will surely rot.

The reason is: The best succulent soil must physically support the plants, retain some moisture and nutrients, and drain perfectly. In this way, you’ll prevent excess water from making your succulents rot. This is especially true in relatively rainy areas. Yes, choose the best soil for succulents to avert a deadly root rot.

Succulents Require Precise Nutrients, and Anchorage to Thrive

Once you discover the right soil for succulents, it’s a guarantee that the plants will receive proper nutrients and anchorage. As noted, this guards against the dangers of root rot.

Note also that, unlike most houseplants, succulents do not thrive in a loamy soil. Such soil is unsuitable due to the presence of organic matter. Organic matter is typically the kind of material that lived in the past. This material usually appears in coconut coir, peat moss, and bark shreds.

Essentially, when decomposing, organic matter provides nutrients to plants. It’s also useful for its ability to retain moisture in plants. Since succulents commonly rot in the roots, they should not be exposed to wet conditions for long periods. Instead, succulents do better under conditions that define arid climates, with less moisture.

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4 Reasons Why Specialized Succulent Soil is the Best for Growing Succulents-Succulents Thrive Best in Fast Draining Soil
Fast Draining Soil: IG@sample.haus

Succulents Thrive Best in Fast Draining Soil

Generally, succulents thrive best in fast-draining soil. Such soil works well with succulents because it allows the plant to drink while it’s getting watered. In a short while, this soil dries out, getting rid of the moist environment.

How can you identify fast-draining soil? You can identify this type of soil easily since it dries completely in 24 to 36 hours. To determine whether the dryness is sufficient, carry out a simple test: Stick your finger just an inch into the dirt. Does it feel dry and warm? If it feels colder than the surrounding environment, it’s a sign that it’s still damp.  A little time is needed to get it precisely right.

4 Reasons Why Specialized Succulent Soil is the Best for Growing Succulents-Succulents Require a Precise Soil Texture Triangle
Soil Texture Triangle: IG@kauai_swcd

Succulents Require a Precise Soil Texture Triangle

To do well, you cannot grow succulents in any soil. This is because the plant requires a special soil texture triangle. You can do a simple test to determine the right soil texture for growing succulents:  When planting outdoors, use sandy loam (with 50-80% fine gravel or coarse sand). Potted plants require coarse grit materials (the diameter should be 1/8 to ¼). This guarantees rapid drainage and prevents rot.

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